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Adoption and Government Technologies

Studies on domestic, international, late and special needs placements and search strategies in adoption procedures.

Research Articles

  • Single-parent adoptions of children with “special needs”: Between deficit and empowerment.

By Irene Agoglia e Maria Isabel Jociles

Adopciones monoparentales de ninos y ninas con necessidades especiales
Download PDF • 168KB

  • “Their biological family can and should be present in their lives”: structural openness in single-parent families who had adopted transnationally.

By Maria Isabel Jociles

Download PDF • 375KB

  • Rethinking international adoption from a children-focused perspective: the case of Spain-Ethiopia.

By Aranzazu Molinero

Molinero - 2013 - Repensando la dopcion internacional
Download • 81KB

  • Unilateral adoption: parental function and affectivity in question.

By Alessandra Rinaldi

Rinaldi - 2017 - Adocao unilateral
Download • 484KB

  • New forms of Family and the multiple meanings of adoption.

By Alessandra Rinaldi

Rinaldi - 2017 - Novos arranjos familiares
Download • 219KB

  • Adoption: policies for children and youth in Brazil?

By Alessandra Rinaldi

Rinaldi - 2019 - Adocao politicas para a infancia
Download • 191KB

  • (Re)discovering child adoption in Brazil thirty years after the Children’s Code.

By Cláudia Fonseca

Fonseca - 2019 - Redescobrindo a adocao no Brasil
Download • 371KB

  • Conceiving Parents, Consolidating the State: Emphasis and Erasurein the Governance of Marginal Parenthoods in Brazil.

By Cláudia Fonseca

Fonseca - 2021 - Conceiving parents
Download • 170KB

  • Cultivating feral proliferations: anthropological considerations on child protection policies.

By Cláudia Fonseca

Fonseca - 2021 - Cultivando proliferacoes indomaveis
Download • 553KB


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