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Studies on the various present-day arrangements in which caregivers other than the genitors take on a parental role.

Research Articles

  • Multi-parenthood and contemporary family forms in French studies.

By Agnès Martial

Multi parenthood and contemporary family forms in french studies
Download PDF • 124KB

  • “With your head held high”: Italian and Belgian lesbian-parented families’ claims and strategies to obtain kinning rights.

By Alice Sophie Sarcinelli, Charlotte Simon

With your head held high Italian and Belgian lesbian-parented
Download PDF • 6.76MB

  • Does love make a family? The politics and micro-politics of filiation among same-sex families

By Alice Sophie Sarcinelli

Sarcinelli_Does love make a family
Download PDF • 560KB

  • One is not born « the child of », one becomes it : The politization of homoparentality seen through the lens of descendents.

By Alice Sophie Sarcinelli

Download PDF • 492KB

  • Naming one´s child when both parents are the same sex.

By Jérôme Courduriès

Nommer son enfant lorsqu'on est deux parents du meme sexe
Download PDF • 304KB

  • Coparenting among gays and lesbians in France : from the fathers´ point of view.

By Flávio Tarnovski

Tarnovski - 2011 - Les coparentalites entre gays
Download • 177KB

  • Becoming a homosexual father in France : the social construction of the desire for offspring.

By Flávio Tarnovski

Tarnovski - 2012 - Devenir pere homosexuel en France
Download • 196KB

  • Paternity and sexuality in the construction of one´s self.

By Flávio Tarnovski

Tarnoviski - 2012 - Paternite et sexualite
Download • 866KB

  • Parentality and gender in French homoparental families.

By Flávio Tarnovski

Tarnovski - 2013 - Parentalidade e genero
Download • 192KB

  • Kinship and affection.

By Flávio Tarnovski

Tarnovski - 2017 - Parente et affects
Download • 3.82MB


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