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Reproductive Governance

Studies on the intersection between Science, Family, and kinship, parting from the idea that all politics are reproductive politics.

Research Articles

  • Social representations of gamete providers in Spain: the invisible and undervalued work behind egg “donation”.

By Maria Isabel Jociles, Ana María Rivas, Ariadna Ayala Rubio

Les representations sociales des fournisseuses
Download PDF • 19.93MB

  • “I guess if I had had pasta, I wouldn't have done it”: motivations for egg donation and ideologies of altruism.

By Maria Isabel Jociles e Fernando Lores

supongo que si hubiera tenido pasta
Download PDF • 284KB

  • Genetics and procreative will, what is the origin of children conceived through reproductive donation?

By Maria Isabel Jociles e Fernando Lores

Genética y voluntad procreativa cuál es el origen
Download PDF • 559KB

  • Ligneage and nation :Civil status, nationality and surrogate maternity.

By Jérome Courduriès

La lignée et la nation
Download PDF • 1.17MB

  • What comes out of surrogacy

By Jérome Courduriès

Ce que fabrique la gestation pour autrui
Download PDF • 191KB

  • About mothers and donors: Identity and sense of belonging in the light of maternity experiences, rights to filiation and access to assisted reproductive technologies in a homoparental family association in Quebec.

By Débora Allebrandt

Allebrandt - 2015 - Sobre mães e doadores Identidade e pertencimento sob a luz da experiên
Download • 379KB

  • Negotiating the destiny of human embryons produced through assisted reproduction:cryopreservation, discards, donations and their agencies in a Porto Alegre clinic.

By Débora Allebrandt

Allebrandt - 2018 - Negociando o Destino dos Embriões Humanos Produzidos na Reprodução Ass
Download • 718KB

  • “Who do I look like?”: Kinning and resemblance in the experience of French donor conceived adults.

By Anaïs Martin

Martin - 2019 - Who do I look like
Download • 133KB

  • Inequality and the politics of science

Org. Débora Allebrandt, Nádia Meinerz e Pedro Nascimento

Allebrandt, Meinerz, Nascimento - 2020 - Desigualdades e politicas da ciencia
Download • 2.08MB

  • Geni’s experiences of motherhood: the story of a transsexual woman and her various relations with Youth Court.

By Alessandra Rinaldi, Ricardo Coitinho Filho, Juliana B. de Souza, Camila C. D. de Souza

Rinaldi et al - 2021 - Experiencias maternais de Geni
Download • 312KB

  • Biotechnologies, corporal and subjective transformations: Knowledge forms, practices, and inequalities.

Org. Fabíola Rohden, Chiara Pussetti e Alejandra Roca

Rohden, Pussetti, Roca - 2021 - Biotecnologias, transformações corporais e subjetivas sabe
Download • 4.30MB

  • Moral economies of childhood care. Foster care policy and biological families.

By Valeria LlobetI e Carla VillaltaI

LIobet, Villalta - 2021 - Economias morales del cuidado infantil
Download • 322KB

  • Kinship through donation. A relational approach on the experience of people conceived through sperm donation. (France, England).

By Agnès Martial

Martin - 2021 - La parente
Download • 6.85MB

  • At the nation's doorstep: the fate of children in France born via surrogacy

Por Jérome Courduriès

at the nation's doorstep the fate of children in france born via surrogacy
Download PDF • 390KB


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