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Family, Childhood and Technologies of Government

Studies on agents, structures, and bureaucracies in policies of protection and assistance to children and families.

Research Articles

  • Child abuse in perspective: reflections on the thematization and treatment of violence against children and adolescents in Argentina.

By Julieta Grimberg

Infancias do Sul Global-repositorio
Download PDF • 6.31MB

  • The “Legal Trafficking” of Brazilian Children : Adoption as a Solution to Poverty.

By Andréa Cardarello

Cardarello - 2009 - Le trafic legal d enfants au Bresil
Download • 418KB

  • The movement of the mothers of the Courthouse Square: “legal trafficking” of children, adoption, and poverty in Brazil.

By Andréa Cardarello

Cardarello - 2009 - El movimento de las madres
Download • 5.99MB

  • The right to have a family: ‘legal trafficking of children’, adoption and birth control in Brazil.

By Andréa Cardarello

Cardarello - 2012 - The right to have a family
Download • 157KB

  • The interest of the child and the interest of the elites: Child-trafficking scandals, adoption and paternity in Brazil.

By Andréa Cardarello

Cardarello - 2012 - O interese da crianca e o interesse das elites
Download • 402KB

  • Recreate the images of danger and salvation. The meanings given to “appropriated” childhood by state terrorism in Argentina.

By Carla Villalta

Villalta - 2018 - Recreer les images de danger et de salut
Download • 960KB

  • Tutelary Council as a technology of government. Agonistic relations between protection and surveillance.

By Fernanda Rifiotis e Theophilos Rifiotis

Rifiotis e Rifiotis - 2019 - Conselho Tutela como tecnologia de governo
Download • 377KB

  • Becoming a subject : the experience of young people with the young adult´s contract in France.

By Fernanda Rifiotis

Rifiotis - 2019 - Devenir sujet
Download • 227KB

  • Rereading Howe. Using social-work theory to analyze socio-educational interventions in childhood.

By Aranzazu Gallego-Molinero e Blanca Girela-Rejón

Molinero e Rejon - 2019 - Releyendo a Howe
Download • 1.16MB

  • Between trust and transformation: modalities of social intervention on children at risk within the framework of comprehensive protection of rights in Argentina.

By Natália Larrea

Larrea - 2021 - Entre la confianza y la transformacion
Download • 812KB

  • Dramas and dilemmas in interventions on children “at risk” in a state agency for rights protection.

By Natália Larrea

Larrea - 2021 - Dramas y dilemas en las intervenciones sobre la infacia en riesgo.
Download PDF • 294KB


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