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The Search for Origins

Reflections on adoption experiences on the basis of research with adoptees and adoption support groups.

Research Articles

  • The Origins Archive. Narrative traces and (dis)continuities in child welfare cases (1995-2015).

By Agnès Martial

Les archives des origines Traces et dis continuités narratives
Download PDF • 174KB

  • [Re]visiting the (un)natural mother: searches and encounter between Chilean adoptees and their birth mothers.

By Irene Agoglia e Beatriz San Román

re visitando a la madre desnaturalizada
Download PDF • 537KB

  • Three generations of lesbian families in Italy and Belgium: transmission and practices dealing with origins.

By Alice Sophie Sarcinelli e Charlotte Simon

Trois geìneìrations de familles lesboparentales en Italie et en Belgique _ transmission et
Download • 710KB

  • Genetics and procreative desire: what is “the origin” of children conceived through reproductive donation?

By Maria Isabel Jociles e Fernando Lores

Genética y voluntad procreativa cuál es el origen
Download PDF • 559KB

  • Indirect Strategies for Disclosing the Genetic/Gestational Origins of Children Conceived by Means of Reproductive Donation (Spain)

By Maria Isabel Jociles, Fernando Lores, Nancy Konvalinka

Indirect Strategies for Disclosing the GeneticGestational Origins of Children Conceived by
Download • 451KB

  • Family belonging and class hierarchy:Secrecy, rupture and inequality as seen through the narratives of Brazilian.

By Cláudia Fonseca

Fonseca - 2009 - Pertencimento de familia
Download • 456KB

  • Fluid kinship :the search for origins in Brazil and in Quebec: A dialogue between kinship, law, and science.

By Débora Allebrandt

Allebrandt - 2013 - Parenté Fluide la quête des origines au Brésil et au Québec
. Dialogue
Download DIALOGUE • 5.35MB

  • The science of kinship :adoption, genetics, and identity among Brazilian adoptees.

By Débora Allebrandt

Allebrandt - 2015 - La science de la parenté
. Adoption, génétique et identité parmi les ad

  • Adoption and rights.The Access to one´s origins in Argentina, Chile, and Spain.

By Mariana De Lorenzi, Aranzazu Molinero e Paulina Fernández-Moreno

De Lorenzi et al - 2019 - Adopcion y derechos
Download • 123KB


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